JOKER & HARLEY QUINN vs DEADPOOL & DOMINO / Domino (Домино, Нина Турман) :: Deadpool (Дэдпул, Уэйд Уилсон) :: X-Men (Люди-Икс) :: DC Video (Видео) :: Harley Quinn (Харли Квинн, Харлин Квинзель) :: Joker (Джокер, Клоун-принц преступного мира) :: Marvel Video (Видео) :: DC Comics (DC Universe, Вселенная ДиСи) :: Marvel (Вселенная Марвел) :: VS :: bet in the sun :: фэндомы

Joker Harley Quinn VS Deadpool Marvel Domino X-Men bet in the sun DC Video Marvel Video ...DC Comics фэндомы 


JOKER & HARLEY QUINN vs DEADPOOL & DOMINO - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 16),Entertainment,Joker,Harley Quinn,Deadpool,Domino,Bat in the Sun,Super Power Beat Down,battle,marvel vs dc,xmen,batman,aaron schoenke,debate,comic con,live action,spiderman,darth maul,deathstroke,Loot Crate delivers epic geek & gaming gear monthly, Signup at & save 10% with code BATINTHESUN Download Comics Amino now to continue the debate of who you thought should have won! It’s a friendly and active mobile community app built just for comics fans. You can join chats, get into deep discussions, and most importantly, meet other comics fans! iOS: ​ Android: They also have apps for other communities such as Star Wars, Anime, Video Games, and more so be sure to check them all out here: ​ WATCH BATMAN vs DARTH VADER PURCHASE THE MUSIC HERE like us on facebook: vote online for SPIDER-MAN vs DARTH MAUL follow us on twitter:!/batinthesun JOKER and HARLEY QUINN vs DEADPOOL and DOMINO Directed by Aaron Schoenke The series is produced by Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke and Nikolay Zamkovoy JOKER/AARON SCHOENKE HARLEY QUINN/AMY JOHNSTON DEADPOOL/ORION ACABA DEADPOOL/DIRK ELLIS TATIANA DEKHTYAR/DOMINO JOKER'S VOICE/JASON MARNOCHA Make Up by Jeff West Original Music and Sound by Sean Schoenke Cinematography by Joey Rassool Editing by Aaron Schoenke Stunt Coordinator Shaun Piccinnino Fight Choreographer Alvin Hsing Special Effects created by Nikolay Zamkovoy Be sure to check out our special effects artist channel: The concept of the SPBD web series is to take two super powered legends and make them battle! Every new episode the viewers will be able to vote to determine the winner! Deadpool mask created by Todd Cook Designs Deathstroke mask created by Tiger Stone FX special thanks Collector's Paradise special thanks to Premium H20 additional music provided by youtube, be sure and check out their awesome sound library! look out for out next episode!!! Spider-man vs Darth Maul!!!
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Джокер по меому реально охерел когда ему камеру дедпул показал.
Sandas Sandas 04.07.201515:50 ответить ссылка 0.0
Обычный клоун в спандексе с регенерацией. Кто ты без неё? Плейбой, миллиардер, филантроп... пиздабол.
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